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Cloud free mosaics or composite products are a special type of advanced Earth Observation products that can be used in numerous applications. The process of creating high resolution and accurate seamless cloud-free mosaics is a very sophisticated and time consuming task.

Here, in SpaceAnalyzer we have developed a fully automatic process to composite index based temporal global cloud free mosaics, which relies on pixel and object based techniques and algorithms taking advantage of both cloudy and clear pixels/objects. The above allows us to create high resolution mosaics eliminating ordinary difficulties like finding the best separation border between overlapping areas, geometric distortions, color disparity as well as more demanding issues like cloud/shadow detection and removal.

As an Estonian company we have created two cloudless mosaics (for the years 2015 and 2016) of Estonia exploiting indexes from Landsat 8, which were derived from our Earth Observation platform Spaceye. More than 100 images, for each year, during the time period of June-August were used in order to produce the mosaics below. You can also check another example of our cloud-free mosaics here.

mosaic estonia2 mosaic estonia3
mosaic estonia ndvi2015 mosaic estonia ndvi2016
NDVI mosaic of Estonia, period: June – August 2015 NDVI mosaic of Estonia, period: June – August 2016

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